Saturday, June 23, 2007

'This Is The Zodiac'

So, here's the latest. It's for agroup show at Corey Helford called, LITERARTISTRY, a group show where artists base works on favorite books so I obviously chose 'Zodiac' by Robert Graysmith. The show's on Saturday, August 11th but I'll keep ya posted.
I've got two more pieces to finish for a Cult Movie show at Gallery 1988. I'm almost done with my Ofiice Space piece which I have to admit is lookin' pritty sweet. More to come on that.
Um, other than that been putt puttin' aroung in my new (old) 1969 British Mini I bought myself for my b-day aaand have found myself re-aquainted with some really old friends -a nice summer all around so far I have to admit.

talk soon? yes?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Eagle Vs. Shark!

Saw it tonight. It's starting to play LA and NY this Friday. It's a really great n' sweet romantic comedy from New Zealand in the middle of all this summer bullshit yah, yah.
So this weekend tell Fantastic Four to suck yer balls and go to a good film!

...oh, and I'll be posting a new painting soon. I've been a laaazy Mexican lately.