Friday, June 26, 2009

g'bye Yomemite :(

So, this week wraps up all our time at the Yoseite Studios. I sit here at 4 AM glossing a couple pieces for the last time. I decided to spend my last week here painting a giant piece for my livingroom and it might be my favorite I've ever painted (come July I'll be putting it out as a Comic Con exclusive). I've spent so many late hours in here blasting music, laughing at jokes spoken over partition walls to funny people, yelling 'Fuck!' alot when I screw up but mostly learning. I'm looking at the first painting I ever did in here years ago on the wall and it's awful but sentimental to me. I think I've come a long way since then. I love painting. I absolutely love it. My brain can't stop creating. I've never felt this satisfied artistically in my life. Spending night till morning flipping 6 foot wood blocks and feeling my legs hurt from leaning over wet paint is the vacation of my life. I'm gonna miss it in here ...*

..and while we're on the subject I really have to acknowledge the artists in the space:

Seonna Hong, Souther Salazar, Mark Todd, Esther Pearl Watson, Martha Rich, Megan Whitmarsh, Saelee Oh and Korin Faught. Seriously a spoil of riches in talents AND nobody's stuff ever looks alike!

So, we are having our last party and sorta art/yard sale tonight Friday, June 26th from 7PM - 11:55PM
1302 Yosemite Drive Eagle Rock

here are a couple studies that you can check out when you come bye:

Vulpes Lagopus (Arctic Fox)
12" x 36"
cel vinyl on wood

Slumbering Panthera Tigris
7" x 36"
cel vinyl on wood

Boy Wonder
18" x 24"
cel vinyl on paper

after the party I'm headed to The Steve Allen Theatre for the midnight show of 'The Show Where TREVOR MOORE Does a Talk Show Thing and JOSH FADEM Does Some Other Stuff Too All In One' where I'll be doing a lil' stand-up. Should be fun!

AND Saturday night at CHG the absolutely amazing Korin Faught will be having her solo..!

SO ..there are 3 ways to see me this weekend. See?! I love you !

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Belly Dancer..

here's another update.

hope ya's likes it..!

Untitled (so far)
4 feet x 3 feet
cel vinyl on wood

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fly India

So, I'm putting out images as the gallery allows. This one like the Ganesh piece below was done very early in the show list. I think I was summoning the Disney park posters when I was painting it. I figured the show needed one cliche snake charmer image, right? Alls I know is that this would look great in MY livingroom -ha!

more to come!

4 and a half feet x 3 feet
cel vinyl on wood

Monday, June 1, 2009


So.. hello all! It's been a million years since I've posted last. I've basically been living in my studio (we all move out of Yosemite this month -will let you know if we have a final moving-out bash) painting my solo. The date is Saturday, August 15th at CHG in Culver City.

The title of the show is 'INDIA' and is the toughest subject I've ever tackled but has been completely rewarding. The show will be compiled of the Gods, animals, plantlife, structures and the people of India. I promise you you will not want to miss it.

I'll keep you posted. Promise!

4 feet x 3 feet
cel vinyl on wood

Danny Gabai's Bday..!

So, it's been forever since I've posted pics so here's the best-of!

Last Thursday Danny and Autumn celebrated his birthday at her place. A black and white formal with amazing wine and even better cheeses. It was an absolute great time with a scientifically designed guest list that made it all the more memorable. Check it..

Kemper's & Nina's Wedding..

so, they finally tied the knot and we had a blast and Nina's folks place. It raged till 3AM and even tho Kemp thinks my camera's gay the pics turned out great (and I'm happy to report all my old college friends have hot wives/girlfriends now). Enjoy!!

Jeff roast.

and finally!: Jeff Ross had a great bbq a few months back celebrating his roast of Larry the Cable Guy on Comedy Central.

Julia eats a burger..

Craig Robinson sang for hours..

Jeffrey and Samm and an amoeba?!..

Samm & pals..

Som & his wife..

Brett and Chris..