Thursday, March 27, 2008 Mattel

here's a better shot of my new piece. It's called "Mazinga by: Mattel"
i like it I think

the reason this was a test piece was to figure out what kind of varnish to use for my gallery show. It's shiny (but a little aggrivating, even on a small scale like this)! anyways, when I slid the photo to black and white you can see my entire bathroom. i really like this effect:


so, got this piece done in record time. it's for the TOY SHOW this Tuesday night at Gallery 1988!
it's Mazinga, (horrible iPhone pic. sorry) my favorite toy growing up and is 2 feet squared.
See y'all there!

oh, and I got a nice call this morning that my cartoon, Twins Crimson and Those Amazing Robots that I did for Nickelodeon around 10 years ago (yikes!) was the #1 download this month at check it (it starts at the 5 min mark)...

OH! and I heard great news today on Howard Stern. Sasha Baron Coen's new movie, 'Bruno' is currently filming and already duped Ben Affleck who was oblivious while being interviewed by a genius...

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lust and Wonder.

Had the good fortune last night to see Bjork's new video, 'Wanderlust' at the Hammer Museum.
And if that wasn't good enough I was part of the lucky few in line to see it in 3-D!
All day I haven't been able to shake the images. It looked like the Viewmaster forests from childhood. Even the way they did water in the video was incredible. It's really a shame that this video won't be seen this way by anybody watching MTV or on YouTube. I think it's the first time I've seen a 3dimensional film that was really art directed and truly worked. Earlier this year Eric and I got screening passes to Beowolf 3D Imax and that almost put me to sleep.
But after watching a 7-minute video I want every film to be this way.

so, today I'm officially inspired! these bears are being painted in record time as I slooooowly become a semi-efficient professional painter. taking a break today though to paint a giant robot which I'll display this week. It's partially for a group show and partially to test out a technique for the big show...

Monday, March 24, 2008

onwards n' upwords's

finally got the dino painting done early last week! not my fav but not my most hated either. overall it turned out better than I thought it would over a week ago. this one deffinately tortured me a bit. here's a slice...

now onto bears in the woods. pretty fun so far and going very fast. I guess I really have no choice since the show's right around the corner (Sat. June 28th Corey Helford Gallery 7-10PM by the way!) and I have ALOT to get done. luckily I've gotten the big ones out of the way first *whew*.
I was definately inspired at Korin Faught's show last Saturday. She's an amazing artist and all around one of my favorite people/painters (check it):

the BIG news though is the return of Polaroid film for my Holga! since Polaroid is dropping the ball Fuji has picked it up! Fuji Instant Film is readily available and a bit cheaper than the ol Polaroid Film (& in black n white too!). funny thing, the girl at Freestyle pointed out to me that my Polaroid-backing is actually made by Fuji -der!
So, this summer will see the return of Holga greatness and hopefully some pics for the blog, yes?

other than that have become completely bored with going out and find myself becoming a complete homebody. the liquor just isn't as sweet I guess and I really have nothing to prove as far as debauchery. and the last few movies I've seen were awful! BUT did jump in my pool yesterday after some coaxing from a certain somebody. f-ff-f--f-f-ffreezing cold but after 10 minutes of bitching was really amazing and refreshing. in a way it made me really excited about the summer (a rarity for this sun-hater).

that's it for now. back to straining my back over this gigantic canvas. grr

Thursday, March 6, 2008


start on painting dinosaurs today. volcanoes and carnivoirs!!!!
lotsa red and orange and black today. . .

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

BIRDS, Birds, birds...

So, been breezing thru my last two pieces. First a roadrunner piece (here's a tiny sliver)...

next, a penguin scene. did this in a record three days (AND it's almost 6 feet!?!). really like this one alot (again, a tiny piece of it)...

hmm, other than that life's been pritty sweet and that feels nice.