Friday, May 30, 2008


the goats definitely took their toll on my body but they are done!!!

(here's a tiny piece)

awoke this morn with a vision of a forest on fire so now will attempt painting flames and wood and deers. this makes me happy...

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wasted day (!#@) ...!

so, spent the day starting a new one. this one based on mountain goats. painted the sky and mountains and clouds and what can I say, it sucks. I have to admit this is the first piece that I'll have to restart (guess that's lucky)out of the 21. so got home tonight and decided not to waste any more time and pre-visualise this one (I can't afford to lose any more days). I thought I'd show a lil' of my process although for this show I've tried not to pre-sketch or make small comps before painting the piece 'cause when completed it doesn't come out as sharp or better designed especially when projected or too maticulously sketched out. below is a Photoshop image and is extremely rough and just allows me to have a vague road map to look at at my studio computer. more than you wanted to know? well, here it is...

and ofcourse here's a pic I took at the Natural History Museum last year.

wow, I probably should go and visit one more time before the show.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

hi all...

just finished my owl painting today. only a few left to finish. now that I'm nearing the end it's a bit sad. I've been dreading for so long having enough time to finish such a massive show (21 pieces in all! woof!) but now it's almost complete. it'll definately be weird to see them all up (all of them are usually bundled together in plastic in the corner). I'm sure the work will bring up many memories over the last year, stressfull days/nights, people met, people lost and the discovering of all things paint. anyways, check out an owl sliver...

oh! and thanks to all who made it to our lil' party Saturday night at the studio. none of us had any idea so many would show. a complete success and super fun! don't beleive me? check below, Souther and Seonna being dorks...

back to work!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm in Juxtapoz...

there's an ad this month in the publication and click below for the online link...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


so, here's the first image I've been allowed to put out into the worldwideweb.

yes, the show is Natural History Museum themed. the gallery and I decided rather than have just a plain gallery show to make this an experience of going to a museum gala. complete with red carpet, skeletal sculptures and a darkened gallery space with gray walls with only the enormous pieces (mostly are around 6 to 7 feet -biggest things I've ever done!) being illuminated. Truly the feel of visiting the NHM. the gallery has even been so nice to let me work the music for the night so it'll sound verrry classy.

anyways, come see what I've done with the last year of my life, yes?

Friday, May 16, 2008

monkeys, no sleep and skunks.

so, this new monkey painting was done by my other self. I really didn't plan/sketch much for this one. completely organic and done this week between the hours of midnight to 4AM. I think the benefits of sleep deprevation and stress are proving to be fruitful. I guess times like these make for good art sometimes. here's a tiny bit (terrible iPhone pic)...

...can't till next month to officially start showing you all the complete pieces. It's looking to be a great show (June 28th, Corey Helford btw). I'm currently getting a playlist of music together for it, the models are being sculpted, the postcards are being printed and I'm starting to get excited.

got home so tired the other night feeling like a ghost then it happened, Bucket got sprayed by a skunk! And I was out of any skunk soap or tomato sauce so it proved difficult. his face still smells. ug.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hi. long time...

so, it's been a fuck of a time lately. working a 9 to 5 by day and painting all night is aging me quickly. my body aches and find myself going a little daft every once in awhile in the studio.

here's a hint of giraffes in love...

now I'm onto blue spider monkeys! finished the trees and leaves they inhabit last night and am pretty happy so far.

AND can I just say, the best friends in the world to have are the ones who work for record labels!!! been listening to the new Islands 'Arm's Way' for the last week. here's an odd YouTube sample...

SO amazing and I have to admit it has been a great substitute for sleep when turned up loud enough in the studio. well, that and my Boston Terrier who seems to feel my pain in the last few weeks and has been the sweetest I've ever seen him. he's actually at my feet chewing apart a rubber ladybug as I type.

the funniest thing happened to me last week. It was Monday and I was feeling a lil' down on myself and found a FedEx box on my porch. I'd forgotten that months ago I'd won the Frederator 'Cartoon of the Month' prize. I opened it to find a goblet, clock, sweater, t-shirt, mousepad and g-string panties that all had written across them, 'WINNER' so thanks Fred, that cheered me up!


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Got a Job!

so, got a great freelance gig this morn that could possibly turn into a future job. Ironically it involves drawing wild animals so by day I'll be drawing giraffes and by night painting them! All-in-all happy to have the distraction of lots n lots of work these days.

My friends Josh and Claire's show last night was really amazing and I'm super proud of them. Check it out (first Monday of the month all summer at the Steve Allen).

The biggest news though was that in the blur that was this weekend a friend from within the LOST crew gave me the greatest clue ever. The book the entire series is based on!!! just Amazon'd it and will get reading immediately. I want the power but am doomed to watch the show alone now. so, if there are any LOST parties goin on lemme know.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Nails that are Nine Inches...

so sometimes life is pretty cool and you get the feeling somebody in the plasma of matter we live in is looking out for us and occasionally bears gifts. This morning as I began to paint it came to me.
The new NIN complete album, 'The Slip' is available FREE online and lemme tell you something: Trent understands
...and since nobody is in the studio today it's on loop and turned to '11'.
thanks music gods (copy link below to join my listening party)...


Sunday night. It's been an emotionally draining armageddon of personal drama for yours truly this weekend. On the other hand it's given me the angst and bitterness of a 17 year-old goth kid which should serve me well as I chain myself to the studio painting till the end of June. I've found in the past that in moments of dejection it breeds great art, right?! Well, anyways I am trying to convince myself of that to see a 'glass half full' -thing to it all.
Ironically I'm in the middle of painting two giraffes in love. All pinks and oranges and will hopefully be done soon, but that's alot of complicated spots for my tiny hands.

On the bright side I have a job interview tomorrow morning on a great project that would certainly stretch and refine my pencil drawing so wish me luck.
On an even brighter side GRAND THEFT AUTO IV has been purchased and so far I've done alot of driving, went on a date and blew up a car in a huge pixelatedly beautiful explosion. Does the heart good.

as far as what's going into my ears Portishead's, 'Deep Water' and the new Wolf Parade single are on a loop (loudly).
so, wish me luck and if you see me out say, "hi" be nice to me and buy me a strong drink and I promise to get you back later.

oh, and please come see my friends' Josh Fadem and Claire Titelman's two man/woman show Monday night at the Steve Allen!!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

WOLF f'n PARADE people.

one of my favorite bands ever has a new album out in June (titled, 'At Mount Zoomer')! to hear (and download the new single) click on the album cover below...!