Wednesday, May 28, 2008

wasted day (!#@) ...!

so, spent the day starting a new one. this one based on mountain goats. painted the sky and mountains and clouds and what can I say, it sucks. I have to admit this is the first piece that I'll have to restart (guess that's lucky)out of the 21. so got home tonight and decided not to waste any more time and pre-visualise this one (I can't afford to lose any more days). I thought I'd show a lil' of my process although for this show I've tried not to pre-sketch or make small comps before painting the piece 'cause when completed it doesn't come out as sharp or better designed especially when projected or too maticulously sketched out. below is a Photoshop image and is extremely rough and just allows me to have a vague road map to look at at my studio computer. more than you wanted to know? well, here it is...

and ofcourse here's a pic I took at the Natural History Museum last year.

wow, I probably should go and visit one more time before the show.

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