Friday, May 16, 2008

monkeys, no sleep and skunks.

so, this new monkey painting was done by my other self. I really didn't plan/sketch much for this one. completely organic and done this week between the hours of midnight to 4AM. I think the benefits of sleep deprevation and stress are proving to be fruitful. I guess times like these make for good art sometimes. here's a tiny bit (terrible iPhone pic)...

...can't till next month to officially start showing you all the complete pieces. It's looking to be a great show (June 28th, Corey Helford btw). I'm currently getting a playlist of music together for it, the models are being sculpted, the postcards are being printed and I'm starting to get excited.

got home so tired the other night feeling like a ghost then it happened, Bucket got sprayed by a skunk! And I was out of any skunk soap or tomato sauce so it proved difficult. his face still smells. ug.

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