Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mark Todd opening...

So, Mark Todd my artspace-mate is having his show this Friday night at La Luz De Jesus in Wacko. The work is all comic book inspired and so much fun!
Again, Friday November 2nd 8-11PM
See you there...!


so, got sick of my hair today but instead of making a haircutting appointment I just went into the closet and pulled out the ol' Flowbee. It worked out great. See for yerself!

Merry Halloween everybody!

So, I just discovered the greatest Halloween film ever, 'Kenny & Co.' directed by Don Phantasm Coscorelli. It's about three friends counting down the days till Halloween in the valley in the 70's. I can't think of a film ever that has more moments in it that nail what it was to be a kid. Pretty perfect. Netflix it now!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hertzfeldt interview...

So, Eric and I watched 'Everything Will Be Ok' latelatelate Saturday night/Sunday morning again and in my inebriated state almost made me cry. I can't stress enough what a wonderful film Don Hertzfeldt has created and command you all to give him your money and watch it ( ). Anyways, found a great 3-part interview with the man. go here...

(i didn't do this drawing btw)

...anyways pulling a late-nighter on freelance and am currently away from my first love, a five foot squid and whale that is proving to be a whopper. it's almost impossible to paint orange and red on black but Souther and Seonna had much advice that turned out to be correct. Ag. Back to freelance...

Ware + Movies

Chris Ware just did this beautiful poster for 'The Savages' the new movie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman and Laura Linney. SO pritty...

Monday, October 29, 2007

HOLY weekend!

This had to be the funnest Halloween I can remember (and it's not even over yet).
Spent earlt Saturday night at the MOCA for the Takashi Murakami show. For those who don't know (I assume you do) Takashi is probably Japan's biggest pop artist, think Japanese Andy Warhol (?). I've never seen anything this big in my entire life as far as gallery shows go. 10,000 people showed up and the gallery was big enough to support that demand. It was like being at Disneyland. The pieces were just huge, colorful and so much fun.

here's me meeting the man along with friends, Jessica, Katie, Gary and Luke. I started talking to Takashi and he was very polite and nodded and said, "Yes, yes" but then I realised he doesn't speak English. Whoops!

here's a few images from the show I pulled (they were very strict about not taking photos of the art) the first one was my absolute favorite for the show. Robotech + Vagina...

...then rushed home to get in costume. Eric and I went as Jemaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords. We were a bit skeptical if the costume would work until we got to the parties and every single person we talked to seemed pretty excited about it. We got to bed by Sunday morn in time to see the sun come up and nursed some SERIOUS hangovers yesterday but sucked it up and went to the next event last night and were able to lose the drink shakes with a lil 'hair-o-the-dog' which worked perfectly.
Oh, here we are...

Friday, October 26, 2007

70's toys...

I just discovered the greatest site - - it showcases beautiful 70's photos of toy aisles/ads etc. SO many memories came rushing back to me with every click. Enjoy all...

ps - i love Cartman...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Squid vs. Whale

started on painting a prehistoric squid battling a sperm whale today. It's kinda interesting painting your phobias. Anyone who's known me longer that two minutes know how much I hate the sea and it's inhabitence. It's just gross n' creepy to me okay? but painting them is fascinating.
also started on freelance this week and began using the Cintiq screen. it's gonna take ALOT of patience to get used to it. but sketching and planning out paintings is the absolute best! i got all the planning on this next piece drawn/color designed in like 15 minutes. awaesome. i think i might actually get this 5 footer done this week (ahhhh, optimism. it'll never happen)...

also got to see Control at the Nuart Saturday night about the rise and fall of Joy Division. kinda like a sequel to 24 Hour Party People but with no Steve Coogan -boohoo. anyways, walked out not that into it but after a coupl'a days and alot of Joy Diviaion listening I've realised what a sweet poetic little movie it really is. catch at the Nuart before it goes away on Friday.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"the pipe is leaking"

finished my cheetah painting yesterday and I really liked it but last night got asked to be in a gallery show in December which is horrible timing 'cause I'm slammed till next year with work. I really wanna do it though 'cause I'd get to paint a propoganda poster which is too tempting to pass up.
the big news though is I got my Don Hertzfeldt DVD in the mail today. It's called, 'Everything Will Be OK' and is amazing. I got a chance to see this short last summer and it's impact on me was just as strong. Hertzfeldt is my favorite animator working today and truly makes my head hurt and my heart ache everytime I see his work. Get it now - !
seriously, do it...

Thursday, October 18, 2007

CHEETAHS (not just a strip club).

Almost done with my cheetah piece! Funny how much I didn't like this one 24 hours ago. But after some spots and some teeth I like it again. Here's a small 8 inch square of it's 6 feet (see below).
Now to paint some bunnies...

The Getty Blows!

Been on a bit of a museum kick since I started my gallery show that will end at the Natural History Museum in NYC (they have a Mystical Creatures show up right now!). But today my recent travels took me to the Getty and Wholy Shit was it boring. Nothing in the entire museum inspired even a fart. In and out in a lil' over an hour and even though it was free we wanted our money back!
Oh, the only cool room was the Jesus room 'cause the paintings actually had a design and style from painting-to-painting. And ALOT of gold. My understanding is that Jesus likes gold...

Holy F'n South Park!!!

The episode tonight was frackin' amazing! It included atleast a hundred childhood icons from Orco to Totoro!?!
SO good!

I start serious freelancin' this week and finally hook up my Cyntiq (that crazy Wacom screen you draw right on) so hopefully since I'll be drawing digitally I'll be more inclined to post more drawings.
Been spending my days in the studio paintin a cheetah and a bunny which turns out are tough as shite to draw and/or paint. It's over halfway done which is always the stage I hate the piece the most but with a lil' luck this one won't suck. Point is with this work schedule I don't get to sleep anymore.
happy t'do it.
I'll have a lil' bit of the image to post soon, 'k?

Friday, October 12, 2007

Beirut and the finishings of Polar Bears.

So, after many late-nighters and many, many listenings to the new Radiohead ( ) I finally finished the biggest piece for my show. I've never worked so big or so hard on a painting and at times really thought I destroyed it for good but now it is done and I really think it's my favorite thing I've ever painted. I'm proud of it and aint ashamed to say it. It's been so great having the studio be packed 24/7 lately with practically everybody so close to their deadlines. I really feel myself slowly becoming a pretty good painter SO see y'all in June '08 for the unveilling,
Ok, here's a small close-up of it....

...and saw Beirut at the Avalon ( seriously, just call it the Palace again, who we foolin? ) last night and it was so, so great. I realized during his set how much I hate wind instruments in bands ( it always sounds like Oingo Boingo to me ) but somehow Beirut breaks thru that and it's really something Bollero-ey and incredible. Ended the night at Little Joy (the name always fits) and had some really great conversations which evolved to people fighting and a long ending pep-talk. Happy to do it!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Souther Salazar (my artspace mate and all 'round great guy) is having his gallery show this Saturday at GR2 (Funny 'cause I saw the documentary below with GR's co-owner, Martin Wong and his wife). The paintings are amazing and make me weep. You'd be a fool not to go. But if you can't it'll be up till the 31st.
See ya Saturday, October 13th 6-10PM
2062 Sawtelle Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90025

Oh, and my other artspace-mate, Mark Todd is having his La Luz De Jesus show which I'll post about soon too!

Back to painting polar bears, bye!


Randomly went to Morrisssey at the Paladium last night and even more randomly ended up at Justice at the Fonda after. SO great - Mr. Fancy Pants sang pitch perfectly and sweated thru and handed out various pieces of clothing to the hungry, hungry, hungry Mexican crowd. My people love that fruity Englishman. He ended the night by wishing everyone a polite, "Valla con Dios". It was awesome.
Even better though was Justice, HOLY rave! They blew our heads off. Luckily Souther had their CD when I got to the studio today...

Oh, and just a heads up. I saw an amazing doc this summer by Mike Mills (director of Thumbsucker and main squeeze of Miranda July). It's called Does Your Soul Have a Cold? and it's about clinical depression in Japan and the influx of American pharmacudicals. Really depressing but fascinating. It airs on IFC on October 22nd.

AND here's Mr. Mills video for Blonde Redhead's 'Top Ranked'

Friday, October 5, 2007


Peaches remix of Ton Loc's, 'Wild Thing' has just been released online and when it comes out on CD and Vinyl will feature my artwork on the cover. As soon as the label let's me I'll post it!

(click on image to have a listen)


Worked ALL day in front of the computer getting freelance done for a corporation AND a soft drink.
Celebrated the day of art/commerce by going to Atlas Sound ( ) which is Bradford Coxs' band when he's not fronting Deerhunter. Totally amazing!
My ears hurt and have more works t'do before I get to sleep again.
G'night 9 to 5'rs...

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Saw The Darjeeling Limited tonight (& Wes spoke afterward!) and left it with my brain filled with SO many things! Got to the studio ready to lay down some serious shit on the canvas. Drew out some polar bears and tomorrow am gonna need a crapload of white paint to fill 'em in.
Here's a 9 inch block outta the 6 feet. Eeenjoy...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weddings n' such.

Just checking in. Spent this weekend in a solid party. Went to four birthdays Saturday night and didn't get home till sunrise-ish. But the big news is that my buddy, Alex got hitched this weekend! Classy all the way. Did it up 30's style on the Queen Mary. Spats n' tails. It was super fun getting loaded with a crapload of friends all wearing monkey suits and dresses.

Now back to work. Freelance all day but tonight get to see the new Wes Anderson pic - Sah-weet!
(click below to see his new short)...and then back to Eagle Rock to paint.

Sorry if I haven't posted any art as of late. My gallery doesn't want me posting my paintings (maybe I'll just snap a close-up, yeah?) and the freelance is confidential so now my site just looks like a weak movie review blog but I'll do better -promise!