Sunday, October 21, 2007

"the pipe is leaking"

finished my cheetah painting yesterday and I really liked it but last night got asked to be in a gallery show in December which is horrible timing 'cause I'm slammed till next year with work. I really wanna do it though 'cause I'd get to paint a propoganda poster which is too tempting to pass up.
the big news though is I got my Don Hertzfeldt DVD in the mail today. It's called, 'Everything Will Be OK' and is amazing. I got a chance to see this short last summer and it's impact on me was just as strong. Hertzfeldt is my favorite animator working today and truly makes my head hurt and my heart ache everytime I see his work. Get it now - !
seriously, do it...

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Brigadier Ketchup said...

I love that you used that fish guy image there. I love that guy! :)