Monday, October 29, 2007

HOLY weekend!

This had to be the funnest Halloween I can remember (and it's not even over yet).
Spent earlt Saturday night at the MOCA for the Takashi Murakami show. For those who don't know (I assume you do) Takashi is probably Japan's biggest pop artist, think Japanese Andy Warhol (?). I've never seen anything this big in my entire life as far as gallery shows go. 10,000 people showed up and the gallery was big enough to support that demand. It was like being at Disneyland. The pieces were just huge, colorful and so much fun.

here's me meeting the man along with friends, Jessica, Katie, Gary and Luke. I started talking to Takashi and he was very polite and nodded and said, "Yes, yes" but then I realised he doesn't speak English. Whoops!

here's a few images from the show I pulled (they were very strict about not taking photos of the art) the first one was my absolute favorite for the show. Robotech + Vagina...

...then rushed home to get in costume. Eric and I went as Jemaine and Bret from Flight of the Conchords. We were a bit skeptical if the costume would work until we got to the parties and every single person we talked to seemed pretty excited about it. We got to bed by Sunday morn in time to see the sun come up and nursed some SERIOUS hangovers yesterday but sucked it up and went to the next event last night and were able to lose the drink shakes with a lil 'hair-o-the-dog' which worked perfectly.
Oh, here we are...

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