Thursday, October 18, 2007

Holy F'n South Park!!!

The episode tonight was frackin' amazing! It included atleast a hundred childhood icons from Orco to Totoro!?!
SO good!

I start serious freelancin' this week and finally hook up my Cyntiq (that crazy Wacom screen you draw right on) so hopefully since I'll be drawing digitally I'll be more inclined to post more drawings.
Been spending my days in the studio paintin a cheetah and a bunny which turns out are tough as shite to draw and/or paint. It's over halfway done which is always the stage I hate the piece the most but with a lil' luck this one won't suck. Point is with this work schedule I don't get to sleep anymore.
happy t'do it.
I'll have a lil' bit of the image to post soon, 'k?

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