Monday, May 21, 2007

Black Box.

Super shout outs to my buddy Andy Walraven for showing me so many pretty Tranformers' robot stuff t'day. Check out his EE-OOO-AH-AH-AH work at (the password is CODEBLACK).
Aaaanyways, I've never talked to a bigger LOST fanatic in my life. My head is still spinning from his opening the black box to me. I hope all his theories are right. Can't fucking wait for Wednesday. And to top it all off I'm meeting the man JJ Abrams the following day. YOWZAH!


Finally saw '28 Weeks Later' with my roomate tonight. I had SUPER low expectations (even though people said it was great) but never in my wildest imagination imagin suck a shite film. Let's go over the list shall we?

-Zombies go down when you shoot them in the chest? (90% of the kills is all chest shooting)
-Nobody in the film understands ANYTHING about containment after living with these creatures for 28 MONTHS?!
-I saw a group of chasing zombies utilise the handrails when going down stairs.
-Nobody in the film is ever scared.
-Wooooooden actors.
-Shit doesn't go down until 1 hour in.
-Horrible video-game-esque writing. Army Soldier: "they won't go down. This is totally FUBAR!"
-The main characters who we're supposed to care about are the ones who blunderingly release the virus onto London in the first place. You wanna see them die SO bad.
-Most of the threats in the movie are fireball/sniper based ('cause that's scarier than zombies).
-Zombies use tools.
-Characters will watch family members die and then goof-off and horse around minutes later.
-crappy fast editing on action.
-horrible Brit pop score that totally doesn't resonate as in the first film.
-Everything's clean.

I'm watchin' Dawn of the Dead (Zac Snyder's - sorry) tonight to cleanse my palette of this horrible taste.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend of Whore.

Spent all weekend at 6-Point Harness's ( ) Flash/Illustrator course. My brain is still dizzy from all the VECTOR info but I think I finally get it.
Super big shout-out to Brendan Birch and the team for being so generous with their time and answering all my annoying questions.
...and sorry for all the Flash shit-talkin'. I still hate it but I understand it as a great artist's tool. I owe you guys! Please visit the site everybody!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beezzzzzzzzzzz zz z.

So, after a weekend of drama I took Bucket to the vet yesterday to get his yearly shots when after spending some time in the back room he came out with both nostrils bleeding which is a sight I didn't enjoy. They said he hit his head when they were giving him his shots. Then when I got him home I noticed one of his eyeballs was blood red. FUCK! I let him sleep it off then this morning he was back to his ol' self (did I mention he's INdestructable?). As usual he went for his morning sunbathe only to return with a giant head which from past experiences I'll assume - BEES.
My boy and I have had our little asses kicked this May weekend but atleast we've got eachother...

Thursday, May 3, 2007

One last thing then I'll shut up about it...

My interview by Game One for the 8-Bit Show is online now. Nothing I enjoy more than seeing and listening to myself on video - YUCK!...