Monday, May 21, 2007


Finally saw '28 Weeks Later' with my roomate tonight. I had SUPER low expectations (even though people said it was great) but never in my wildest imagination imagin suck a shite film. Let's go over the list shall we?

-Zombies go down when you shoot them in the chest? (90% of the kills is all chest shooting)
-Nobody in the film understands ANYTHING about containment after living with these creatures for 28 MONTHS?!
-I saw a group of chasing zombies utilise the handrails when going down stairs.
-Nobody in the film is ever scared.
-Wooooooden actors.
-Shit doesn't go down until 1 hour in.
-Horrible video-game-esque writing. Army Soldier: "they won't go down. This is totally FUBAR!"
-The main characters who we're supposed to care about are the ones who blunderingly release the virus onto London in the first place. You wanna see them die SO bad.
-Most of the threats in the movie are fireball/sniper based ('cause that's scarier than zombies).
-Zombies use tools.
-Characters will watch family members die and then goof-off and horse around minutes later.
-crappy fast editing on action.
-horrible Brit pop score that totally doesn't resonate as in the first film.
-Everything's clean.

I'm watchin' Dawn of the Dead (Zac Snyder's - sorry) tonight to cleanse my palette of this horrible taste.

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