Sunday, May 13, 2007

Beezzzzzzzzzzz zz z.

So, after a weekend of drama I took Bucket to the vet yesterday to get his yearly shots when after spending some time in the back room he came out with both nostrils bleeding which is a sight I didn't enjoy. They said he hit his head when they were giving him his shots. Then when I got him home I noticed one of his eyeballs was blood red. FUCK! I let him sleep it off then this morning he was back to his ol' self (did I mention he's INdestructable?). As usual he went for his morning sunbathe only to return with a giant head which from past experiences I'll assume - BEES.
My boy and I have had our little asses kicked this May weekend but atleast we've got eachother...

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Vincent Waller said...

He looks downright huggable there.