Friday, December 18, 2009

My very first PRINT!

'Deerhunter Vox Humana'
24" x 36"
edition of 50
each unframed giclee on arches infinity fine art paper
available tomorrow to view and order at CHG
just in time for Xmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, I can finally put these images out!

Gallery 1988 asked me to be part of the secret LOST gallery show last night currated by the gallery along with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. It's been killing me to keep this secret over the last few weeks but here they are (they can be purchased at ):

The Swan
24" 24"
cel vinyl on wood

The Hydra
12" x 24"
cel vinyl on wood

What Kate Did
18" x 24"
cel vinyl on wood

DHARMA Science Manual Volume: 4
20" x 24"
cel vinyl on wood

It was a blast! I was interviewed by CNN, TV Guide, G4 and a buncha others (will post when I get links). The line outside the gallery formed at 5PM the night before which blew my mind. Gotta love LOST fans. The gallery was a mosh pit and I got to meet a ton of writers and producers from the series. The line was around the block all night.

Damon and Carlton arrived to massive applause and fanfare.

and can we talk about THIS?! what the fuck is it?!?

*Can't wait till January.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

CHG Multiplane show!!!!

So, here's my piece for the Multiplane show this Saturday night.

'Minus Extremities'
12" x 12"
cel vinyl on glass

the way the process worked was we all got a kit of glass in a wood box..

then I painted the muscles, then organs and then the bones. This was so much fucking fun!!

I've been working my fingers to the bone on alot of new stuff. Can't wait for you all to see. Keep checking in this week!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Post It Show 4 @ GR2!!

Saturday, Dec 5th 6:30 - 10pm
(runs thru January 13th)
2062 Sawtelle Blvd.
Los Angeles CA 90025

here are my post-it's. Most will go for $20 each and you can take 'em home on the spot. Just in time for the holidays!!

More than 125 artists will participate, including the following:

APAK!, Andrice Arp, T. Edward Bak, Scott Bakal, Gary Baseman, Drew Beckmeyer, Marc Bell, Mike Bertino, John Black, Jill Bliss, Jon Boam, Aaron Brown, Jeffrey Brown, Chris Buzelli, Brian Cairns, Lilli Carre, Christine Castro, Martin Cendreda, Katherine Chiu, Chris Cilla, Greg Clarke, Josh Cochran, Tim Cochran, Allison Cole, Jen Corace, Jennifer Daniel, Eleanor Davis, Luke Davis, Skinner Davis, Vanessa Davis, Ryan De La Hoz, Bob Dob, Doodles, Seth Drenner, Evah Fan, Korin Faught, Nina Frankel, Shannon Freshwater, Jordan Fu, Matt Furie, Nicholas Gazin, Leif Goldberg, Frieda Gossett, Katherine Guillen, Peter Hamlin, Lisa Hanawalt, Pam Henderson, Tim Hensley, Jaime Hernandez, Ryan Heshka, Paul Hornschemier, David Horvath, Mina Horvath, Patrick Hruby, Rama Hughes, Yellena James, Jeaux Janovsky, Levon Jihanian, Hellen Jo, Mark Johns, Sun Min Kim, Kinoko, Olaf LaDousse, Travis Lampe, Will Laren, Le Merde, Daniel Lim, Ben Marra, Jacob McGraw, James McShane, Brendan Monroe, Mark Murphy, Kiyoshi Nakazawa, Tom Neely, Andrew Neyer, Tru Nguyen, Anders Nilsen, Saelee Oh, Martin Ontiveros, Christina Paulos, Carlos Ramos, Luke Ramsey, Ron Rege, Jesse Reklaw, Joe Rocco, Zachary Rossman, Johnny Ryan, Souther Salazar, Brooks Salzwadel, Scrappers, Chris von Szombathy, Raymond Sohn, Zack Soto, Bwana Spoons, STO, JJ Stratford, Deth P. Sun, Shirl Sun, Team Macho, Daria Tessler, Peter Thompson, Jeremy Tinder, Aiyana Udesen, Steven Weissman, Gilian Wilson, Ben Wolfinsohn, Connie Wong, Jamie Zollars, and MANY MORE

A Love Letter to: The Fantastic Mr. Fox

hi all. so, saw the movie and felt deeply compelled to write something down about it (I'll try and make it short and sweet with NO SPOILERS):

I'll just start by saying when I saw the trailer for The Fantastic Mr. Fox I was terrified. Wes Anderson is probably my favorite working director and I would love nothing more than to have my hero make nothing but perfect films but this looked really bad. The puppet designs and the animation combined with George Clooney's voice just bugged the crap out of me. They looked like walking wire animal corpses nailed to wood planks like those bargain eBay taxidermied squirrels you see online.

..I just thought, "how could a director with such an amazing eye choose such odd character designs. I'll admit I miss 90% of animated features mostly due to the character designs. Art Of books on the other hand are always amazing with promising character designs that never see the light of day.

I walked into the film after turkey and in the middle of nowhere where the choice was between Mr. Fox and Ninja Assassin and as I bought my ticket and went into the empty theater thought, "Oh man, this is gonna blow." Then it started. Admittedly it took me about 5 to 10 minutes to accept the look of it. It's still jarring. And then the story unfolded and soon I was in heaven watching the most skillfully made children's film since Nightmare Before Christmas play out.

Again, I don't wanna give any of the great plot away but will simply touch on the major things:


It's impossible to write about Mr. Anderson's stories without talking about his dialogue. I would say that I prefer him writing with Owen Wilson (their last film together was The Royal Tanenbaums). The Life Aquatic was written with Noah Baumbach and I felt it was his most mean spirited film although beautiful lacked the wide eyed wonder and sweetness he had with Owen as a writing partner. So I was worried about the two getting back together for this film. Ok, saying that this is completely a non-issue. The film's sincerity is it's heart and blood and never feels angry (cough*Where the Wild Things Are*burp) or formulaic. Every character has a way of talking and conversing that feels real and honest. Unlike most non-Pixar films the lines aren't designed to give everybody equal screentime. Some characters speak quickly, some don't say much at all no matter how big the star. And it takes a master script writer to manage a story like this with so many characters.

The story of Mr. Fox leading his family and town to ruin and redemption is one played out as a slow burn. It reminded me of the qualities of Clooney's character in O Brother, Where Art Thou? where he just gets so excited in his schemes that he can't see what it's doing to those around him (a repeated theme ala Max Fisher) but his character arc and how he learns his lessons never felt false. And at the core of the movie this is what's essential: Mr. Fox's journey. And in the end when he changes his ways he tears up and I was right there with him. As a topper to this there's an amazing character moment between him and a black wolf as he sees the world with new eyes. One of the best and truest sequences I've seen in anything.

That's another thing: the story breathes so much allowing the characters to have little moments. Stop and just be which you rarely ever see in children's films. True character moments. Most kid's features dumb it down resting on cut-away gags and pop culture references to get the audience to simply say, "HA! I know what that from!".


This might have been one of the best parts. I'm so used to sitting in these films and saying, "Larry the Cable Guy, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon, Miley..." as they get crammed into these films depending on who's hot at the time. I'd KILL to see a list of who the original choices for the film leads are in these kid flicks because since it takes 4 years + to complete I can't imagine people like Andy Sandberg did the original records.

The voice choices were absolutely perfect. Yes, there were lots of Anderson favorites but every character who came on and started talking matched their design perfectly and all had distinct tenors. When casting I get obsessed with actor's tones. If somebody has a deep voice they should own that level and not be stepped on by another actor with a similar quality to ensure we always understand who's talking. Mr. Fox did this brilliantly.

Major props go to Willem Defoe as the Rat. His mouth shapes and weird lispy takes on words made for one of the most timeless animated characters.


As I said before watching the trailer the movement scared me and took a bit to get used to. With that said the animation was gorgeous. Wes shot this like a play as are most of his movies but with that comes a discipline on how these characters will move. The camera almost always goes up/down/left/right so the acting comes from silhouette which is animation acting 101 but pushed to a new style level since this is real fur and cloth.

I learned to respect the choice to let the fur move oddly, and letting the animation be kinda choppy. One of my favorite stories from Team America is hearing that Matt and Trey made the puppeteers not move the marionettes perfectly because it wasn't as funny or interesting. It makes for an experience that feels more textural rather than Coraline perfection.


So, as I bitched at the start of this over the topic of art direction, specifically character design -here's where I back peddle: I loved the fur and cloth and odd human qualities to the designs. It's a ballsy choice but as the story played out I understood it. He went anti-smooth.

With that said you can't deny the awe inspiring qualities to Wes Anderson's obsession with details. The paintbrushes in Mrs. Fox's dress pouch, the yellow Adidas on Kristofferson's feet. More than wanting to see this again on the big screen I'm ready for Blu-Ray to pause and admire every shot.

I highly recommend running to the Arclight Hollywood to see one of the sets. I wanted to haul it out onto my car roof and take it home.


Jarvis Cocker did such a great job. I believe 2 songs are featured. So funny and self aware. The punchline to the first made me laugh out loud. These aren't crowbarred in or made to be singles. So great.

AND nothing's better than hearing the Rolling Stones during a kick-ass montage. Bravo!


It truly is a timeless film with no pop culture references or sarcastic dialogue. It reminded me of The Charlie Brown Christmas where the characters are respectful of one another and didn't stray from things like death and guns or even drinking liquor.

It's a film not made to beat Twilight and launch BK Kid's meals. It's one that is reissued by Criterion Collection and bound in leather. It's one to watch when you're old and want to show your own kids.

It'll be tough to side with it or Up for the Oscars this year. Cheers to both Pixar and Fox for paying for such beautifully ballsy projects.

The Road..

HAD t'do it. After seeing The Road (which was really sad and amazing) I couldn't stop thinking how similar it was to Pixar's Up. 10 minutes on Phostoshop and here ya go:

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Kitty*

Holgaroids from the insanely successful Hello Kitty show Thursday night in Culver City. Ran into old pals and deffinately made some new ones (hooray for that):

Saturday funtime..

So, I just got an amazing refurbished Nikon D90 (thank you Sammy's) to shoot artwork. But feel like I should take it out more. So, Saturday night I was literally learning how to use it properly while shooting. Trial by fire.
Saturday started at the Giant Robot show in Little Tokyo. A group show with amazing talent like, Souther Salazar and James Jean. Ran into a million people I haven't seen in a long while.

Then it was off to Lola Gil's new place for a housewarming celebrating Travis Louie being in town for a few days. Wall-to-wall famous art folk. It was the textbook version of a classy time.

then the night finished off at Malo for Tomi Monstre's birthday at Malo. All-in-all a really great night of catching up with thousands of people (atleast felt like it).