Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday funtime..

So, I just got an amazing refurbished Nikon D90 (thank you Sammy's) to shoot artwork. But feel like I should take it out more. So, Saturday night I was literally learning how to use it properly while shooting. Trial by fire.
Saturday started at the Giant Robot show in Little Tokyo. A group show with amazing talent like, Souther Salazar and James Jean. Ran into a million people I haven't seen in a long while.

Then it was off to Lola Gil's new place for a housewarming celebrating Travis Louie being in town for a few days. Wall-to-wall famous art folk. It was the textbook version of a classy time.

then the night finished off at Malo for Tomi Monstre's birthday at Malo. All-in-all a really great night of catching up with thousands of people (atleast felt like it).

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tomi monstre said...

arigato for the pictures! <3