Tuesday, August 26, 2008


SO ..got to go both nights to Radiohead at the Bowl.
it was pretty much a religious experience and can't stop playing them today...

...and today as they pump in my ears I am working on a super-secret project that if all goes well will mean completing art for something that has been my biggest wish ever (professionally). Keep my fingers crossed that I get t'show something soon!

Monday, August 25, 2008

NO! (yes)...

so, in my continuing randomness in artmaking I just did a couple of posters for the Steve Allen Theatre. The 'Rudy Casoni' was approved but the Claire and Josh will not be used. Oh well, atleast you can see it here..

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Have I Been?! Part 5: (Cult Crazy)

so, finally before the trip I finished my Crazy for Cult pieces. I finished them in record time and think these might be two of the best things I've ever painted..!

2'x 3'
Cel Vinyl on Wood

Cel Vinyl on Wood

The show is this Friday night at Gallery 1988 7-11PM. See you there!!!

Where Have I Been?! Part 4: (Mexico F'n City!)

So landed in Mexico City which from the plane was nothing but city as far as the eye could see. Craziness..

Got to the Camino Real Hotel which was a 60's art deco building made during the Olympics. The entrance had an eerie pool that would splash about day and night (and I hate the sea)..

our posters were all over the streets of the city. SO cool..

we spent all day Saturday signing posters for really cool people and speaking on a panel at a local design school where I saw my favorite piece of art by Saner ( http://www.saner-dsr.blogspot.com/ )

then off to the Nike store (a beautifully converted former Embassy building) to paint. It was still under heavy construction when we showed up which made it a bit tricky for us to paint our murals..

then it was off to work!

here's Bigfoot doing his piece (he was a blast to hang with for days!)..

then the next night was the store opening and party..!

me touching up my painting on the roof while on a ton of tequilla..

the concept was we were to write an idea down and put it in a hat and then each draw from it. Luckily I got Bigfoot's which was "La Musica De La 1970's". here's what I came up with..

Went to a great bar filled with Mexican hipsters (Cha Cha Lounge Mexico City -yay!)..

and we ate like kings the entire trip. Here's salsa that made us cry and cheer..


enroute to see my first Mexican Wrestling match..

The murals museum..

Frida's house (there's her paint studio at the top)..

Overall an incredible trip and one of the funnest things I've veer done and hanging out for a week with so many talented artists that were a blast to hang with was the best.


-everyone I seemed to meet from bars to on the street were all artists. it was so bizarre and always a surprise. and art everywhere you looked. hand painted signs, awesome graffiti, stencilled characters on walls.
-the weather. absolutely perfect the entire time we were their. plus lightning!
- the arcitecture floored all of us with every building we saw. from going to parties to every restaurant you always had to look up and say, "Wow!"
- the food. the amazing food. the incredible food. Mexican food (and horchata) will never be as good again.
- the beautiful corruption! cops with uzis, crazy driving, bars open till 5. just an invigorating energy to be around.
- and finally Nike and our wonderful hosts: Pepe, Jasper and the gang (and especially you Chris) who bent over backwards to make sure we were happy and having fun. Things like driving us anywhere we wanted, swag, perdiems.. things none of us were used to. We couldn't thank them enough!

the flight back was a bit chaotic but all worked out as the clouds out the window freaked me out the whole way back..

Where Have I Been?! Part 3: (Corporate Posters)

then I finished my 3 Nike Sportswear posters which I had a blast doing!!!

the other artists participating were Jason Maloney, Joe Ledbetter, Jesse Reno, Bigfoot, Tixinda, Yurievi (Popwhore,) and 123Klan.

then I got on a plane (oh boy)..

Where Have I Been?! Part 2: (The Work Burn)

Got back into town with 3 group shows to paint for. It was a true work burn but I really came back ready to paint and had a good time cranking them through.

First the Monkey House 'Fruits' show my friends Caroline and Lauren were curating. It went really cool and consisted of alot of scary talented people..

Next, did my pieces for the 8-Bit Show which turned out great. Painting Zelda was a true joy! My only real regret was missing the show to go to Mexico. But I admit landing and getting the text from Jon Gibson that my pieces sold the morning of the show was so fucking great!

Here's a pic I found online of a pritty nice lady in front of my 'KONG!' piece..

Then I went into finishing my 'Cult Sow' pieces and the Nike posters..

Where Have I Been?! Part 1: (Gallery Shows and Europe)

So the show was amazing in July. Most of the pieces sold and was all around a great party! ..so after over a year of killing myself painting I have to admit very very gratifying..

so, as soon as the opening was over I got the hell outta town and went to London and Amsterdam for almost 3 weeks. It was exactly what I needed. Behold..

SO many great pubs. I got a little too used to drinking pints and 'crisps' every day (ironically I hate drinking in pubs in LA)..

Spent a couple days touring all the cemetaries with my trusty Holga. Nothing better that climbing over an overgrown mossy hill covered in broken gravestones..

Karl Marx's headstone. Ooooh..

The Natural History Museum (ofcourse) which was my favorite building in the city..

AMSTERDAM (..or the greatest place I've ever been). So f'n great! I swear it's what everybody romantisises about Europe but doesn't really exist anymore except for Amsterdam. The biking, the food, the people watching, the puff puff give and yes the Red Light district (which I failed to partake in. honest).

The tragedy though was a couple days into arriving my Holga's diopter lens broke (?!) and after a day of trying to find a replacement I opted to just piece it back together and use it. Turned out it worked!!

here's what it looked like..

my favorite picture of the entire trip! Sinking into the park grass as the camera and I shared a common vision..

Another park shot..

biking was my favorite thing ever. everyone rides big black beach cruiser type bikes with big seats that is the best way to ride through this very flat town..

and finally, the Red Light district..

all around a great trip! but in the middle of the vacation I got an amazing call from Nike in Mexico City to paint a mural and design a set of posters for their upcoming sportswear line. Now, I admit: I didn't know much about Mexico City but jumped at the oportunity. Little did I know what I was in for...

Thursday, August 14, 2008


here are better pics of my pieces!

I have alot more to show and ALOT more to update you guys on this weekend!

'k bye!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Am 8-Bit!!!

just got my two pieces done. I'm pretty happy with 'em.

check 'em:

Zelda and the Great Deku Tree
1 1/2 x 4 feet
cel vinyl on wood

4 x 3 feet
cel vinyl on wood

see ya soon!

(and I haven't forgotten to post past adventures. soon soon...)

Friday, August 1, 2008


so, I realise I haven't updated in awhile but have been swamped with freelance and finishing art for 3 group shows (?!) due in a lil' over a week.

anyways, I'm in a Fruits show at Monkeyhouse Toys & Art Gallery (1618 1/2 Silver Lake Bl. Los Angeles, CA 90026) tomorrow Saturday August 2nd from 4PM till ?

here's my piece:

Cherry Blossoms
12" x 16"
cel vinyl on wood block

see ya soon!