Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Have I Been?! Part 1: (Gallery Shows and Europe)

So the show was amazing in July. Most of the pieces sold and was all around a great party! ..so after over a year of killing myself painting I have to admit very very gratifying..

so, as soon as the opening was over I got the hell outta town and went to London and Amsterdam for almost 3 weeks. It was exactly what I needed. Behold..

SO many great pubs. I got a little too used to drinking pints and 'crisps' every day (ironically I hate drinking in pubs in LA)..

Spent a couple days touring all the cemetaries with my trusty Holga. Nothing better that climbing over an overgrown mossy hill covered in broken gravestones..

Karl Marx's headstone. Ooooh..

The Natural History Museum (ofcourse) which was my favorite building in the city..

AMSTERDAM (..or the greatest place I've ever been). So f'n great! I swear it's what everybody romantisises about Europe but doesn't really exist anymore except for Amsterdam. The biking, the food, the people watching, the puff puff give and yes the Red Light district (which I failed to partake in. honest).

The tragedy though was a couple days into arriving my Holga's diopter lens broke (?!) and after a day of trying to find a replacement I opted to just piece it back together and use it. Turned out it worked!!

here's what it looked like..

my favorite picture of the entire trip! Sinking into the park grass as the camera and I shared a common vision..

Another park shot..

biking was my favorite thing ever. everyone rides big black beach cruiser type bikes with big seats that is the best way to ride through this very flat town..

and finally, the Red Light district..

all around a great trip! but in the middle of the vacation I got an amazing call from Nike in Mexico City to paint a mural and design a set of posters for their upcoming sportswear line. Now, I admit: I didn't know much about Mexico City but jumped at the oportunity. Little did I know what I was in for...

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