Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Where Have I Been?! Part 2: (The Work Burn)

Got back into town with 3 group shows to paint for. It was a true work burn but I really came back ready to paint and had a good time cranking them through.

First the Monkey House 'Fruits' show my friends Caroline and Lauren were curating. It went really cool and consisted of alot of scary talented people..

Next, did my pieces for the 8-Bit Show which turned out great. Painting Zelda was a true joy! My only real regret was missing the show to go to Mexico. But I admit landing and getting the text from Jon Gibson that my pieces sold the morning of the show was so fucking great!

Here's a pic I found online of a pritty nice lady in front of my 'KONG!' piece..

Then I went into finishing my 'Cult Sow' pieces and the Nike posters..

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*daisy said...

whoo hoo! ; ) thank you sir! I'm so flattered to have made a cameo on your blog! LOVE your paintings- they're so beautiful. I'm always "I love that one!" and then I realize... "oh! it's one of Carlos's pieces!" ha ha! Always such great colors and shapes- so eye catching!

so great to see you again tonight! Hope to see you next week at our party : )