Wednesday, December 16, 2009


So, I can finally put these images out!

Gallery 1988 asked me to be part of the secret LOST gallery show last night currated by the gallery along with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. It's been killing me to keep this secret over the last few weeks but here they are (they can be purchased at ):

The Swan
24" 24"
cel vinyl on wood

The Hydra
12" x 24"
cel vinyl on wood

What Kate Did
18" x 24"
cel vinyl on wood

DHARMA Science Manual Volume: 4
20" x 24"
cel vinyl on wood

It was a blast! I was interviewed by CNN, TV Guide, G4 and a buncha others (will post when I get links). The line outside the gallery formed at 5PM the night before which blew my mind. Gotta love LOST fans. The gallery was a mosh pit and I got to meet a ton of writers and producers from the series. The line was around the block all night.

Damon and Carlton arrived to massive applause and fanfare.

and can we talk about THIS?! what the fuck is it?!?

*Can't wait till January.


damon said...

wow nice stuff

TRoss said...

Carlos, I found your blog!

Your work was by far my favorite out of all the pieces they had there. I was sorry they were never available as one of the 16, as I would definitely have tried for one.

The one with Jack and the shark is awesome, but the one with Kate is my absolute favorite. Hope you put out prints of them someday, I'm sure a lot of LOST fans would love to buy them!

prettybutt said...

I really hope to see your lost art in print form one day-I am so in love with the hydra. ♥