Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Randomly went to Morrisssey at the Paladium last night and even more randomly ended up at Justice at the Fonda after. SO great - Mr. Fancy Pants sang pitch perfectly and sweated thru and handed out various pieces of clothing to the hungry, hungry, hungry Mexican crowd. My people love that fruity Englishman. He ended the night by wishing everyone a polite, "Valla con Dios". It was awesome.
Even better though was Justice, HOLY rave! They blew our heads off. Luckily Souther had their CD when I got to the studio today...

Oh, and just a heads up. I saw an amazing doc this summer by Mike Mills (director of Thumbsucker and main squeeze of Miranda July). It's called Does Your Soul Have a Cold? and it's about clinical depression in Japan and the influx of American pharmacudicals. Really depressing but fascinating. It airs on IFC on October 22nd.

AND here's Mr. Mills video for Blonde Redhead's 'Top Ranked'

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