Friday, October 12, 2007

Beirut and the finishings of Polar Bears.

So, after many late-nighters and many, many listenings to the new Radiohead ( ) I finally finished the biggest piece for my show. I've never worked so big or so hard on a painting and at times really thought I destroyed it for good but now it is done and I really think it's my favorite thing I've ever painted. I'm proud of it and aint ashamed to say it. It's been so great having the studio be packed 24/7 lately with practically everybody so close to their deadlines. I really feel myself slowly becoming a pretty good painter SO see y'all in June '08 for the unveilling,
Ok, here's a small close-up of it....

...and saw Beirut at the Avalon ( seriously, just call it the Palace again, who we foolin? ) last night and it was so, so great. I realized during his set how much I hate wind instruments in bands ( it always sounds like Oingo Boingo to me ) but somehow Beirut breaks thru that and it's really something Bollero-ey and incredible. Ended the night at Little Joy (the name always fits) and had some really great conversations which evolved to people fighting and a long ending pep-talk. Happy to do it!

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