Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Squid vs. Whale

started on painting a prehistoric squid battling a sperm whale today. It's kinda interesting painting your phobias. Anyone who's known me longer that two minutes know how much I hate the sea and it's inhabitence. It's just gross n' creepy to me okay? but painting them is fascinating.
also started on freelance this week and began using the Cintiq screen. it's gonna take ALOT of patience to get used to it. but sketching and planning out paintings is the absolute best! i got all the planning on this next piece drawn/color designed in like 15 minutes. awaesome. i think i might actually get this 5 footer done this week (ahhhh, optimism. it'll never happen)...

also got to see Control at the Nuart Saturday night about the rise and fall of Joy Division. kinda like a sequel to 24 Hour Party People but with no Steve Coogan -boohoo. anyways, walked out not that into it but after a coupl'a days and alot of Joy Diviaion listening I've realised what a sweet poetic little movie it really is. catch at the Nuart before it goes away on Friday.

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