Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Weddings n' such.

Just checking in. Spent this weekend in a solid party. Went to four birthdays Saturday night and didn't get home till sunrise-ish. But the big news is that my buddy, Alex got hitched this weekend! Classy all the way. Did it up 30's style on the Queen Mary. Spats n' tails. It was super fun getting loaded with a crapload of friends all wearing monkey suits and dresses.

Now back to work. Freelance all day but tonight get to see the new Wes Anderson pic - Sah-weet!
(click below to see his new short)...and then back to Eagle Rock to paint.

Sorry if I haven't posted any art as of late. My gallery doesn't want me posting my paintings (maybe I'll just snap a close-up, yeah?) and the freelance is confidential so now my site just looks like a weak movie review blog but I'll do better -promise!

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