Monday, May 5, 2008


Sunday night. It's been an emotionally draining armageddon of personal drama for yours truly this weekend. On the other hand it's given me the angst and bitterness of a 17 year-old goth kid which should serve me well as I chain myself to the studio painting till the end of June. I've found in the past that in moments of dejection it breeds great art, right?! Well, anyways I am trying to convince myself of that to see a 'glass half full' -thing to it all.
Ironically I'm in the middle of painting two giraffes in love. All pinks and oranges and will hopefully be done soon, but that's alot of complicated spots for my tiny hands.

On the bright side I have a job interview tomorrow morning on a great project that would certainly stretch and refine my pencil drawing so wish me luck.
On an even brighter side GRAND THEFT AUTO IV has been purchased and so far I've done alot of driving, went on a date and blew up a car in a huge pixelatedly beautiful explosion. Does the heart good.

as far as what's going into my ears Portishead's, 'Deep Water' and the new Wolf Parade single are on a loop (loudly).
so, wish me luck and if you see me out say, "hi" be nice to me and buy me a strong drink and I promise to get you back later.

oh, and please come see my friends' Josh Fadem and Claire Titelman's two man/woman show Monday night at the Steve Allen!!!

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