Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Lust and Wonder.

Had the good fortune last night to see Bjork's new video, 'Wanderlust' at the Hammer Museum.
And if that wasn't good enough I was part of the lucky few in line to see it in 3-D!
All day I haven't been able to shake the images. It looked like the Viewmaster forests from childhood. Even the way they did water in the video was incredible. It's really a shame that this video won't be seen this way by anybody watching MTV or on YouTube. I think it's the first time I've seen a 3dimensional film that was really art directed and truly worked. Earlier this year Eric and I got screening passes to Beowolf 3D Imax and that almost put me to sleep.
But after watching a 7-minute video I want every film to be this way.

so, today I'm officially inspired! these bears are being painted in record time as I slooooowly become a semi-efficient professional painter. taking a break today though to paint a giant robot which I'll display this week. It's partially for a group show and partially to test out a technique for the big show...

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