Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Let The Right One In

The best film I've seen all year! Got to go to any early showing at the Nike Sportswear/ Flux screening at The Montalbán on Vine. Swedish vampires!! Seriously it so put me in the mood for Halloween. I belive it's out the 24th..

..speaking of I had the funnest time last weekend: spent a night helping Josh film a horror comedy in the forests of Eagle Rock at night. Josh was covered in make-up and our friend Zoe was running thru the trees in a nightgown screaming. It felt so much like Halloween when I was a kid. That was topped with a road trip with friends to the Vineland Drive-In for a late show. A for real drive-in (I think it might be the last one left), 4 screens! All-in-all a really Jr. High weekend.

AND Mad Men just gets better and better. This last ep was my favorite yet.

What the hell is this?! a movie/TV blog? Sorry I haven't posted any art lately. Been working on pitch stuff and a new piece for the Corey Helford 'CLOWNS' show in November. Will post sum'n soon..

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