Wednesday, November 5, 2008


SO last night my gallerists Jan and Bruce were so kind to have a bunch of us up to their place for an election party and I just couldn't bring myself to check the TV/radio if Obama lost before getting to their place. But I walked in to a victory which was really amazing (prop 8 was a bummer ..why is it anybodys business how others spend their lives?!).

I was way too lazy to take the Holgaroid out for Halloween but brought it out last night. Here's some pics..

Man o' the hour!!!

Me n front of oh so many beautiful paintings in the manor.

Korin Faught growlin'.

Gary Baseman and his Obama boobies.


Buff Monster and Chris Anthony.

Jan Helford bites down on Obama.

Gary n Bruce Helford.

Natalia Fabia tonging an Obama-cake.

Joshua Petker on drums.

Angelique Groh in a Thrasher T!

Richard Scary, John Henry and pal.

Emily makes out with Pig Pen.

Josh's ladypal..

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