Monday, December 1, 2008

..been awhile.

hello all. hope you had a nice holiday. The CLOWNS! show was a blast and the turnout was huge, It was great to see how everybody interpreted the theme. Good times..

AND earlier this week there was an amazing lighting storm along with thunder surrounding my house as it was was illuminated constantly in Resident Evil fashion. Can't really explain why such things effect me so positively but it so put me in the holiday spirit.

I was put in charge of all the Thanksgiving cooking for the fam and I pretty much went nuts! Here's the list of what I made: a whole turkey, a whole ham, sausage stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce, blue cheese salad and honey cornbread. yumm! I kicked ass. That was followed by meeting up with friends at a couple bars that night. Something great about bars on holiday nights. Then a follow-up bbq at Kempers Saturday night.

And the perfect end to the weekend. Ash and I headed to Don Hertzfeldt at the Silent Movie Theatre with his new film, I'm So Proud of You. SO amazing, so beautiful. Don's work continues to effect me like no other filmmaker. Visions of twin serial killers, the afterlife and an old grandmother grinding dead cat heads into her hair have haunted my thoughts into the night. He's just amazing..

..and Don was there to talk after. It's almost odd how normal and articulate the guy is. You'd expect Steven Wright to walk out but no.

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