Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ahhhh, good shows...

Went on Sunday night to Handsome Furs ( )at the Echo. It's Dan Boeckner (Wolf Parade) and his gf, Alexei Perry and that's it. Him on guitars/vocals and she on keyboards and techo-nology. And clearly they're crazy about eachother. Such a good show. But it got topped...

Animal Collective played the Henry Fonda last nite and my ears are still ringing. Beautiful and melodic and visuals that felt like staring at the Close Encouters UFO ship the entire time (so, we got blinded too). SUPER good. SUPER inspiring.

Sorry, am not posting art this week. It's ALL freelance that's keeping my monkey hands busy and all that's copywrited/restricted by major corborations, ooh.


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lizzo said...

jesus, how many bands is that guy from wolf parade in? i hadn't heard of this one but there's sunset rubdown too. next time you see him, suggest he consolidate. i bet that would endear you to him.

hope you're well.