Thursday, November 8, 2007

Guitar Zero.

So, it's been another week of spending my days drawing boards on the Cintiq and nights in the studio painting a giant squid. Lemme tell ya, that fucking squid is kicking my swollen balls in. everything about this new one is hard and I've been mad at it all week but it's finally starting to really look like something -y'knowwhatImean? just need to finish painting all his suctiony suction things and I can start painting the whale. promise to post a lil something on that soon. Oh, and all my panels show up today! I've had to make room for over 20 5 foot wood blocks. my back will be feelin' it for sure.
th'bigger news though is that I got Guitar Hero III for Wii! Holy Jebus it's the greatest thing I've ever played, seriously. I'm killing it on hard and ended last night's game battling Slash (and I beat My Name is Jonas in one try thank you very much) but that GnR muthafucka cheats and he won round-after-round.
and to top it all off Matt and Trey aired a GH episode of South Park last night that chewed up my brain and left me with a stain on my pants.

oh, and last weekend was actionpacked as well. Saturday was Giant Robot's big show in Lil Tokyo and my pals Seonna, Souther and Saellee all had beautiful, beautiful work up on the walls. the night went onto light animation, noodles, Vincent Gallo and wedding dancing. here's a lil' proof...

AND the next night was just as good! after a few rounds on GHIII had a killer dinner with friends and we watched King of Kong (hells yes, Academy screener time is here!) and then got to go hang with Peaches at the Avalon. I've never seen that many people I know in one place. AND AND my friend Bobby got to play with Miss Peaches while Bucky directed the whole thing. all n all I can't remember having this much fun with work and life. getting laid off might be the best thing that ever happened to me I thinks. anyways, check it...

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