Saturday, November 17, 2007

Return from the Sea!

So, the Squid and Whale piece is DONE as of this morning! It's been a hard road and it's not my favorite but I wrapped her in plastic and stored it away and hopefully in a few months I'll like it more. I'm just too close y'know. This one I really wrestled with (again, here's a tiny close-up of this five by fiver)...

Hmm, other than that another action-packed week of Cintiq'n during the day and paint'n at night. Other than that the events have been coming hard and fast including seeing NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN twice! Movies are never better than this. I would consider seeing it again. Then next day an amazing Avalon performance by Of Montreal followed by lotsa dancing and drinking at Teddy's and quickly followed by Mels' tuna sandwich and onion rings (don't do the last part). Next day brought a really fun gallery opening by Natalia Fabia at Corey Helford followed by a random party atop the Hollywood Hills but the topper was last Thursday night. Got a call by my writing partner to get to the Kodak Theatre for the Victoria Secret Runway party and yes readers lotsa, lotsa pritty ladies.

*sidenote: it's really funny when hundreds of these models end up in the same room 'cause they're all used to being the center of attention and once one cuts in the drink line six more follow and the catfight is on! it was fucking fascinating to behold.

...aaanyways, as fun as all that was readers I need to admit something. my heterosexuality was severely tested. yes, read on. I ended up hanging in a couch area with the top Brit hot guys on the planet. Here's the list: Orlando Blume, Gerard Butler and Jason Statham and a few more obscure Brits. Statham and I ended up on the street and he told me where to go for the afterparty. almost jumped in his limo with him but didn't wanna ditch my truck or my friends and didn't want to tempt myself to the limitless possibilities of man love. C'mon guys! We all watched 300 and felt kinda funny at the lead Spartan or when the Transporter got naked and greased himself up to fight six badies in an auto garage or OR got lost in Legalis's eyes after he took down that prehistoric elephant?! Right guys?!?! No? ok...

(I'm the guy on the right. no, the far right)

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n3ster said...

Hey man, I know this is quite a random encounter but I've always wanted to get a tattoo of a squid and a whale in battle after seeing Noah Baumbach's film "The Squid and the Whale"... A few years has passed and I think it's time to finally get it inked on my own canvass so I've just been looking up some visual references regarding the piece I want and yours came up on google... So I was wondering if you can send me a pretty decent picture of your painting.... That would be most appreciated

P.S. i've been lurking yer blog for a good hour or so and i gotta say, you're quite the artist man (and this is not just me kissing ass for you to send me that pic.. haha)