Monday, December 3, 2007

long time comin'. .

So, it's been awhile since I posted anything and I'm in a really good mood tonight so I'm making this one kinda chatty.
Business first:
After finishing up the last of my current freelance I was able to get back to the studio and paint some crocs. Between my freelance deadline and the mishap with my last piece (just glad to never have to see it again) my hands were full and all I wanted to do was paint my solo show. But I guess what's great about having these different gigs is that yes, freelance is a downer as far as it being time-sucking but sometimes admit I get bored with painting as well especeially if I'm not into the piece. Blah, blah, blah. Point is I'm painting crocodiles, swamps, trees and murky waters and ALL IN OLIVE GREENS. So far this might be my favorite thing I've ever painted. Atleast the most fun I've ever had painting. Here's a tiny square in the middle of the piece (as it stands so far)...

The group show I'm in is having it's opening tomorrow night (Tuesday the 4th). It's an odd night for an opening but it should be alot of fun...

Um, let's see. Oh! It's official: Every. Single. Friend. I. Have. Just broke up their realtionships. It totally bums me out 'cause a few of them were amazing couples. But... I get my friends back!
When I had a break up a long time ago a friend emailed me this Onion clipping. It pretty much sums it all up...

Thanksgiving was so great this year. Half family/ half orphans' functions. I think my favorite movement amungst friends is the Orphans Holidays when people don't go home for a holiday and spend it with friends as family. Because really, nobody's actually from LA (except yours truly ofcourse) so this tradition had made some holidays feel like they did when I was a kid. But I get to drink now. This last Halloween and Thanksgiving might've been the best I can ever remember actually.

Currently obesessed with the Beatles. Happens every few years. I heard Paul on Howard Stern and he told so many great stories that it made me so happy that the best band in history has a frontman that's really down to earth and has such a great sense of humor about the entire experience. So, this prompted me to Netflix the Beatles Anthology discs. Specifically the time of Rubber Soul/Revolver. The best story was Paul talking about getting pressured by the rest of the band to try Acid. In his words, "I had to do it. I was getting pier pressured by the Beatles" Oh, and 'Nowhere Man' is hard to play live. AND they showed their first live performance in Japan (pictured below)!

Ehhhh - kicked the flu's ass last week. I felt myself coming down with 'the sickness' so rather than stay in for the day I had a great steak for lunch and went for a run at night to sweat it all out. Tough love. Fuck you flu! It was gone the next day.

Had a celebrity in the artspace yesterday. They turned out to be really cool and they're gonna come to my gallery show which made me pretty stoked.

also sw a great great movie last weekend. Margot at the Wedding. Really sad, really dark, uncomfortable and funny. Spend a gruelling 2 hours with somebody else's family and come out releived 'cause maybe our own lives are ok.

I'm still reading Cormac McCarthy's book The Road (I'm a slow reader ok!). It's beens such an amazing ride reading this thing. At this point father and son are at their darkest days. Excerpt:

' He was beginning to think that death was finally upon them and that they should find some place to hide where they would not be found. There were times when he sat watching the boy sleep that he would begin to sob uncontrollably but it wasn't about death. He wasn't sure what it was about but he thought it was about beauty or about goodness.Things that he'd no longer any way to think about at all '

amazing stuff.

It rained! I Says It Rained! To be honest since I've been painting again I feel so amazing. I'm feeling happier than I can ever remember for the last few days. I got a call from an old friend today and he's basically in the place in his life that I was in 2 years ago and all I can think is -that poor bastard. It really made me appreciate how great things are now. I guess everything just happens the way it needs to so that you get hurt, you pick yourself up, learn from it and feel better that you are no longer in that situation. Whew. I'm rambling.
Oh, oh right. It rained (and no shit -The Beatles 'Rain' just came on iTunes) which makes me happier than almost anything. I just like the grays, ok?

Went and dropped a present off to a dear friend tonight after a bit of a tiny fuck-up.

Ok well, that's it for now. If you got this far I can't imagine why.

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