Sunday, December 16, 2007

g'bye green n' scaly. hello gray n' scaly.

Finishing my crocs today with a slight hangover.
Another awesome holiday week. Birthdays, Xmas parties and secret rendezvous. Friday night got home soaked head to toe like I'd been in a waterpark from sweat after leaving Teddys'. Yesterday was family shenanigans that went into the night (no comment). Got home, accidentally fell asleep to my favorite Christmas movie: Die Hard. Awoke 'round 11 confused then quickly got into the shower and headed to a party a stonesthrow from my place. Drank nog and laughed my goddamn ass off. So many good stories exchanged. Thanks Mandy! And for some bizarre reason 5 of us were dressed exactly the same. we felt totally unoriginal but then agreed to fight crime together since we all had awesome uniforms now.
Wow! That was like writing out my grocery list to y'all. Sorry.
RIGHT! WORK! I begin laying the first coat to the biggest piece I'm doing for the gallery show. Elephants! Elephants! Elephants. The image hit me the other day, hope I can stay true to the vague thing in my head. Super looking forward to detailing their scaly skin...

My ipod has been kicking my ass after an Amoeba visit. First of all I went to buy presents but ended up buying myself a bunch of music: whoops. here's what I got...

1) Daft Punk; Alive (cannot say enough about this album, the next best thing to going to the greatest show ever! seriously. pick it up. 100% guaranteed)
2) Deerhunter: Deerhunter and Fluorescent Grey (this band doesn't stop making me so happy)
3)Missy Elliot: ...So Addictive (on random these songs are always surprising and awesome especially when mixed with Dhunter)
4) Beastie Boys: The Mix Up (the latest instrumental album. really mellow and great)
5) Justice: Waters of Nazareth (remixes. 'nuff said)
6) Daft Punk : Samples Collection (just like it sounds)
7) The Go Team!: The Go Team! (this band just doesn't sound like anybody else. I wish DJ's would play them at parties)

on random in the studio (blasting 'cause I seem to be alone in here today). Making this another perfect weekend in a long line of consecutive perfect weekends.

PS!!! - So, still obsessed with the Beatles. Does anybody out there have all their albums on their iTunes? Revolver/Rubber Soul on up? I have tons but just wanto get organized and get them on a data disc. Yes? Anybody?