Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy's News Years!

Haven't posted in awhile and don't have much news but here goes...

Christmas and New Years were the best I think I've ever had in my life. Still a little dizzy from it all. So many great get togethers, dinners and parties. Christmas eve into Christmas was a perfect mix of fixing dinner for the fam, making it to a dive bar with friends in time to celebrate baby Jebus and being cocooned inside for the next coupl'a days. Absolutely perfect.
New Years was an absolute blowout. Did the Justice/Peaches thing downtown complimentary press pass-style (thank you RICK!). Free drinks and all! Peaches did the counting down to 'Fuck the Year Away' and from midnight on Justice destroyed everything. Check it...

...then parties. then home for some more severe cocoon time. Then had amazing Korean bbq in K-Town with friends the next day. Everybody looked terrible so we all knew we did NY's right!
So, officially this has been my funnest Halloween thru New Years I've ever had. I really have to give it up to the most essental part of having a good time: partners-in-crime and this year has brought out the best of them and I can't thank you all enough! Truly truly.

The odd side effect to all this is my recent accumulation of injuries in the last month due to various party shenanigans. I've busted my knee, twisted my ankle twice, banged in my head, gotten various bruises and scratches and and have just been generally soar like an aged stuntman or Daniel Day Lewis in the last 15 minutes of There Will Be Blood.

But now commences the new year and with that the party is OFFICIALLY over. I need to spend the next 6 months to finish my gallery show, figure out how to continue to pay my mortgage with my roomate moving out and my adjustable coming to an end. AND figure out what my plan is for the rest of my life. That's ok. '06 was pure hell, '07 was the fun year and '08 is the year of ALL business. I'm up for it and always love a challenge. Bring it on 2008!

Hmm, other than that have been obsessed with the Kinks, 'Waterloo Sunset'. Such an amazing song. Here's an acoustic version of it from Elliot Smith from '97. enjoy!

let's have breakfast soon, yes?

PPS: Make sure to go to Martha Rich's (my studiomate and friend) show at La Luz Friday nite January 4th from 8-11PM k?

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