Friday, January 18, 2008

HOLY Cloverfield!!!!

did it last night at the Mann Chinese. SO fucking good. JJ Abrams is the fucking king! I'll even see his Star Trek movie in December and I hate Star Trek. I think midnight premiere crowds are my absolute favorite company when watching films and last nite was no exception. Plus we brought in a coupl'a mix drinks to make the night even better (so hungover today - ungh). k' wont say more 'cause I don't wanna give anything away but go now!

Hmmm movies. It's really been quite a year. Some thoughts on the best ones...

Manda Bala (Send A Bullet): One of the best documentaries I've ever seen. Definitely the most beautifully shot. Directed by Jason Kohn Manda Bala covers the kidnapping problem in Brazil. After the trailer I was so excited about this one and it totally payed off. I heard from a friend that the director's next film is gonna cover modern day pirates, an awesome subject I really only know from watching The Life Aquatic so can't wait. looky:

There Will Be Blood: people seem to either love or hate this film. I thought it was great mostly because certain filmmakers are being aloud to make big Hollywood films that are extremely personal and deal more with spanning time with characters (Andrew Dominik's The Assassination of Jesse James and of course the Coen's No Country For Old Men) like back in the non-corporate 70's. I also saw 'Blood' the absolute best way: hungover under covers in my livingroom Christmas Day with the fireplace blazing. Maybe I'd feel different on a Friday night at the Arclight. Hmm.

No Country For Old Men: I'm not gonna say anything 'cause clearly this is the one everybody loves. I think I was more excited this year to see this than anything this else and it payed off huge. I've seen it three times in the theatres and a coupl'a other times at home and it holds up so well. It's like the Coen's slapped the cock outta everybody's mouth and kicked us in the stomach and made us shut the fuck up and shine their shoes. REAL moviemaking plain n simple.

Zodiac: people didn't really seem to like this one because I think everyone wanted another Se7en which it clearly wasn't. I was obsessed with this case in Junior High with my best friend Eric (we even sent a Zodiac letter to the San Francisco Chronicle) so to have David Fincher (probably my favorite working director) attached seemed like a godsend and was. It's a film about police procedure at a time before CSI. Totally frustrating in the best ways. I have to admit too that this one holds up way better at home.

The Darjeeling Limited: Wes Anderson did something for me that I would never think possible: make me wanna visit India. This one is such an amazing journey captured by Wes' perfect eye. It really left a huge impression on me. I don't think alot of people saw it which really is a crime.

Superbad: got a chance to go to a screening of this one a year ago and it blew my fucking head off. One of the best comedies ever made in my humble opinion. Jonah Hill plays it loud and angry verses Michael Cera's quiet and reserved but both come off as the 'funny one'. A return to the type of 80's comedies I was raised on but way better.

Live Free or Die Hard: I will say if you weren't a fan of the franchise stay away but this series is probably my favorite trilogy (and now quadrilogy) ever! Bruce Willis brings the mighty return of old-school action films that only he can own this hard (pun intended). The most fun summer film this year. BoomBoomBoom!

Ok, that wraps up my Roger Ebert bullshit. Shit! I realized this blog has just turned into a blahblah site about movies and music. Because my gallerists don't want me posting early images of my gallery pieces and the other work is freelance for animation studios so it's copywritten and can't be shown here. Also I really don't like writing personal stuff for fear of who's out there reading it so this can't be THAT interesting, right?! So, sorry to all who ever check up on this thing. Maybe I'll start doing art specifically for this page. OK -so, New Years' resolution: Put. Art. On. Blog. Will do my best!

As far as artstuff goes I finished up another round of freelance this week and am back painting in my studio. Still on elephants. It's the biggest piece in my show and is looking to be the hardest one so far. Still laying down the background but will be painting these giants in the next coupla days -hazah!

AND I've been running alot lately! I think this is the healthiest I've ever felt. Which is good 'cause now that the party's over and I have so much work t'do this year. k' back to paint!

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