Sunday, January 6, 2008

one rainy weekend.

...and now it's giving us lightning! SO great!

The Sea Wolf show was amazing. It was raining cats and dogs and was horribly packed! But we were lucky enough to see friends in line to cut in for booze and get into the show just as they started. A great show in the most amazing room I can ever think of.
Pretty magical.

but other than the rain and barstuff the greatest thing that happened this weekend was a late Christmas/New Years potluck dinner with friends which turned out to be the best meal I've had all year. But it would be topped by the best desert I've ever had ever! 'Galette des Rois' with champaigne (in honey bear glasses) prepared by a real life Frenchman. It was kinda like a hazlenut croissant covered by a chocolate mousse. Doesn't sound like much (or looked like much) but have been thinking about it ever since. The fun part is there's a game to it. One lucky eater gets a prize in their piece (in this case it was a button) and whoever gets it is crowned king/queen of the party and gets to dub a queen/king for night by placing the prize in their champaigne glass. SO you have to eat the entire piece given to you. Problem is nobody found their button so the king would have to wait a few days to crown his queen (it wasn't me by the way).

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