Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hi all!

So, it's been really busy for me lately. Pretty much stopped sleeping. Hoping this flu doesn't get to me. It's already taken two down at work ..hard!

Anyways, I'm in Chris Hardwick's AWESOME blog NERDIST this week.
< c l i c k b e l o w >

ps -this is my favorite blog Chris did..

..other than that I've just been working in Flash by day and loving the project! And at night painting for my July 17th next solo. ergh*

but it's going really well. I love the new subject (will tell you about it come June) and the paintings are just flowing out. But again no sleep..

was so excited to see Watchmen ..till I saw it. Luckily I fell asleep and dreamed about leaving to do something else. Oh well.

on the flipside I think I've seen Step Brothers more times than Star Wars. It makes me laugh ever time. Here's a scene of my buddy Adam who steals the movie...

other than that have been spending these cold nights with Bucket who seems to be getting better with the whole 'snuggling is a good thing'.

that's it for this week. Back to work!

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