Thursday, August 2, 2007

and so it goes...

been having alot of things rattling around in my head all day and figured I'd do some typing.

It's my first coup'la days of uneployment. I just got done co-directing a commercial for Fruity Pebbles which proved to be a real challenge, Not to mention the daily commute to and from Santa Monica which tested my sanity daily as did the job at times. Funny, the whole time I was working I fantasized about getting some time off and now that I have it I feel anxious and a little worried about what happens next. This really sums up where I'm at right now. Grass is always greener I guess.
I have so much work to do personally right now. Let's run down the list shall we?

-This week I'm designing the new 'Peaches' album single. It has been a blast and it looks like I might get to work on the video as well (can you say, "Prague") but who th'fuck knows?
-Um, I have a gallery show in less than a year at Corey Hellford I need to get started.
-Me and my writing partner, Bucky are writing a script for Paramount that is looking to be something really fucking amazing in my humble opinion.
-I'm developing a few shows at Disney.
-I'm back at the drawing board developing shows for Disney and Comedy Central. This is a looong road from being done.

...and personal goal of the week is to learn Illustrator - ag. Lemme just get on my soapbox for a sec. It really pisses me off in the past when people have approached me about selling shows or paintings or scripts or whatever. They always act like it comes easy and that I've been 'lucky'. Fuck that. Those people are never around at times like these -when the script pages and canvases are blank and the ideas aren't coming. This is hard work and isn't just luck and fun. It's work. It's no sleep. It's feeling like you'll never create something great again. It's just hard.

All together it's a volatile time personally and professionally. Really anything can happen and that's so fucking exciting and terrifying. I've met and hung out with some amazing people in my personal and professional life this summer so far and to be honest I really have nothing to bitch about but here goes... I talked to somebody last weekend at Comic Con and they filled my head with so much poison (not to mention the booze on top of that) over what other people think of me that it really sucked. But I woke up the next morning resolved to one thing I need to get tattooed on my forehead... 'My happiness can not depend on people I like liking me back' to write this but I've been pretty depressed all day and this is what I'm clinging to.

Whatever, more drama so far this summer -my Mini. Bought a '69 Mini Cooper this summer and on the first day I took it to work it got hit while parked and I was inside. A moving truck smashed into it and took off. Luckily there was an eyewitness and I tracked the driver and now their insurance is lowballing me but the car should be fixed good as new in a coupl'a weeks -whew. It's been a nightmare.

Other than that I had a great lunch with my friends Vince and Seonna who have the amazing ability to always impart grand wisdom onto me and really understand what I'm going thru. When it comes down to it I really only have around five friends but I know we'll always be there for one-another and really who needs more than five, right?

Spent tonight at the art space, had dinner with Seonna and helped move her stuff around and drew for a bit and got back to playin' Guitar Hero 80's and drawing at home. Watching 'Zodiac' while typing and Bucket is asleep at my feet. Shit, wait a sec. Life is good. Scratch all that bitching I just did 'kay?

Anyways hope my 2 readers liked this one,

ps - who else is unemployed? Wanna grab some lunch?!

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