Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Artsy Fartsy!

So, we had ourselves a lil' artspace party last weekend. It's kind of a business party in that my space mates see it as an opportunity to have fun but also seek out potential buyers and business connects. This really made me nervous 'cause clearly I'm the weak link in the building because everybody in there pays their mortgage with their art and I'm just a paint baby still trying to figure out how to be an honest for goodness paint person. Also everyone in the space is so goddamn prolific and I barely had any pieces up and most of them were old.
Anyways ...that was all bullshit 'cause it ended up being such a blast and alot of people had some really nice stuff to say about my art. We all had such a good time. So thanks all for showin' up!
BUT the greatest part of all was this lil' guy (see below). The most beautiful dog I've ever seen. Almost crowbarred his owners outside and was ready to steal him into the night and bring him home to Bucket.

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