Sunday, August 26, 2007


so, woke up with horrrrible hang-over and vague memories. BUT had the best bloody mary (maybe ever) made for me this morning. I'd be lying if I said my head feels better for it. did'na matter. headed to downtown and spent the day doing some serious research. it's going so good! the ideas are-a-poppin'.

!!!!!!!!!!AND IT RAINED!!!!!!!!!!! (the absolute best part of the day) walked into the museum wet and smiling.

oh, and look what I found. at the Science Museum they had the original chimp-flown NASA cockpit from the Florida launch in the 60's. spent so long drooling over it. how did that monkey know how to work the 'Yaw' controls...?

here's a shot of the Mr. Teeny-sized cockpit.

so, that's it reader. I'm gonna take a nap then go see my friends in Great Northern play tonight at the 'Fuck Yeah Fest'. If you see me don't touch my aching head...

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