Thursday, August 30, 2007


Ok, so having some time off has afforded me some TV watching luxuries lately but this has been the most rewarding. Literally pulled up my Tivo and watched 6 1-hour episodes in one sit. The show's called, MAD MEN (Thu 10PM AMC) and it's the best character writing I've seen since 6 Feet Under. SO f'n good! It's about advertising execs in Manhatten in 1960. It's art direction is superb and watching people drink hard and smoke in every-single-scene made me need to go out last night and do the same (amazingly found a spot last night that let you do both inside ?!).
Anyways, watch it and thank me later...

The bigger news is I got two development jobs today (when it rains it pours, right?) that I'll start freelancing on next week but will soon be turning into jagurnauts if all goes well. So here's the list people, try to keep me honest... 1) Finish script before the writer's strike 2) Start on 20 paintings (roughly all of them will be atleast 5-footers) to be done by June 3) Start writing and drawing on two shows in development. And a couple o' other things I don't like to share with the internet.

Other than that I've been told by my gallery I'm no longer aloud to post images for my gallery show (which makes total sense, whoops) so if anybody that knows me ever wants to come by the space to see them in person you're more than welcome!

Super psyched and ready to get th'fuck back to work...

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